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We are pleased to have been selected by Mike Huben to release his introductions. You can email the hybridizer Mike Huben at or visit his blog site for more info about his breeding program. The collection of Huben 2014 intros can be purchased for $200. Click here to print an order form.
Mike Huben's 2014 Introductions
NearWhite Self (MH0057F * Ice Trumpets)
5 branches and 30 buds. Opens well cool. My first triumph in extra-early near-white breeding. A creamy near-white (can't tell if it's from the yellow side or the melon side.) Even better, it throws kids that can be much earlier than itself! It can rebloom, and will be used to move rebloom lines even earlier.
$50 sf
CHILL CHILL (2014) 28" EE 3.5" DOR DIP
NearWhite Self (Ice Trumpets * MH0207K)
A beautiful extra early, ruffled near-white with a sunfast green throat.
$50 sf
NearWhite Self (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
3 to 5 branches and 15 to 25 buds. An extremely clean near-white with a green throat, white veins, good substance and heavy Diamond dusting. Great foliage, increases well, and very aphid resistant.
$50 sf
NearWhite Self (MH0331A * Vanilla Stella)
Green Effusion is the second of a series of perfect little white flowers with green throats that rebloom in profusion. From its parent Vanilla Stella it inherits northern rebloom, rapid increase, excellent form and a very green throat. It had 4 branches and 12 buds in my garden, but at the Harmon's it skyrocketed to 32 inches, 5 branches and 50 buds on some scapes! The green radiates out of the throat in the veins, even more than for its sib Accentuate The Green. I also love the up-facing habit of the flowers. One small detail that is really attractive when you notice it is the rosy color of the pollen sacks against the green throat before they open. This one has one minor flaw: it doesn't open well after cool nights.
$50 sf
NearWhite Self (MH0219I * Ice Trumpets)
5 to 6 branches and 21 buds. A near-white with a green throat, a faint green overlay, good substance and extreme diamond dusting. Flowers are held facing upwards, with the petals lifting off the sepals. Instant rebloom, great foliage, excellent scape and rapid increase.
$50 sf
Mike Huben's 2013 Introductions
Near white self rebloomer. (Frequent Flyer * MH0207K)
The first of a series of perfect little white flowers with green throats that rebloom in profusion. From its parent Vanilla Stella it inherits northern rebloom, rapid increase, excellent form and a very green throat. The green radiates out of the throat in the veins. Mike doesn't usually do sib crosses, but he has a lot of seedlings of Accentuate The Green with its sibs and MH0837A because the green-on-white potential here is so high! 17 buds.
Cream self.
(Sunshine On Clouds * MH0207K)
With good behavior and foliage like Sunshine on Clouds, Brilliant Bouquet covers itself in bloom, at times giving a "cushion mum" effect. The photo is ungroomed except for liveheading the previous day, and it is unnecessary to remove the spent blooms because they close well. With 5 branches, 28 buds, some bud building and some rebloom, that means a long season covered with flowers.
Melon self
(A Small Multitude * MH0315E)
Helicopter is a small melon spatulate spider UFO with one-time rebloom (late). Its plant habit resembles Nutmeg Elf (McCabe 1978), an Award Of Merit winner. A forest of slender, well branched scapes floats numerous flowers well above the foliage and well separated from each other. A great increaser with four branches and 18 buds.
Sold out
Red self.
(Sobek 90.34A * Red Spire)
The photograph shows off the beautiful green throat, hints at the velvety sheen and the oxblood-red darkness, but it doesn't show the true depth and intensity of the dark red color. Indelible Blood is very simply Mike's most durable red. Very sunfast - it doesn't curl, slick, fade or melt, not even in 100+ degree heat. It does not show thrips or aphid damage in Mike's unsprayed garden. It is unfazed by rain. No blotchy petals from insects or water. The flowers close tight: no need to deadhead.
Near white with magenta eye - Rebloomer Nocturnal
(Frequent Flyer * MH0207K)
Magenta Kisses has beautifully clear colors and a sharply defined, very green throat. It is a child of Frequent Flier, which can act as a color clarifier and often passes rebloom. It is a consistent one-time rebloomer in New England, and could be an important part of anybody's northern rebloom program. Even though it has only three branches and ten buds, that's not important because of the rebloom. Because it is only a modest increaser, Mike recommends crossing it with rebloomers that have rapid increase.
Red with dark band.
(Crazy Kids * Indelible Blood)
Vigorous, tall, sunfast, well branched and budded and beautiful. The instant Bob Sobek saw it, he said he wanted it: and not too surprisingly, it is out of one of his introductions. With 6 branches and 24 buds with excellent foliage, it puts on a terrific display for a long time. O Positive has a ruffled bagel form or perhaps you could say it resembles a red blood cell (but it's too big to be named Erythrocyte.) $75
Near white self.
(Sobek 88.40A * Ice Trumpets)
One of Mike's first really good tall and small near-whites. Paean For Jocelyn has excellent branching and budcount that it inherited from both parents combined with species-like graceful scapes. It is named in memory of Jocelyn Spragg, a dear friend and stalwart of the New England Daylily Society. Tall whites like this stand out in the garden even if their flowers are small. If you will pardon the pun, it is a high achievement.
$100 sf, delivery in Fall, limited availability
Mike Huben's 2012 Introductions
Fountain Of Blood Fountain Of Blood FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD (Huben 12) 44" M 3.5" Dor Dip ( Siloam Plum Tree x Red Spire ) Seedling MH0378V
Velevety, brilliant fire engine red with green throat. Excellent foliage and increase and excellent breeder - pod and pollen fertile. 40 buds, 6 branches.
Height Of Fashion Height Of Fashion HEIGHT OF FASHION (Huben 12) 44" M 4" Dor Dip ( Frequent Flyer x MH0207K ) Seedling MH0403.35
Tall-and-small, well-ruffled pink with a dark eye and green throat. Rapid increaser stands erect and has splendid foliage. Something of a bitone. Strong pollen parent. 20 buds, 4 branches.
White And Nerdy White And Nerdy WHITE AND NERDY (Huben 12) 28" EM 4.5" Dor Dip ( MH0034F x Ace Up My Sleeve ) Seedling MH0321A
Sib to Snowy Stella. Continuous rebloomer that is not yellow. Whiter than any tetraploid "white", has a green throat good ruffling and heavy diamond dusting. 16 buds with 3 sets of scapes in Mike's garden. Pod and pollen fertile. When crossed with other continuous rebloomers, it throws a high percentage of reblooming kids, great color clarity, high budcount, large green throats and a great deal of green in sepals as well. This one is named for Mike's personal theme song, "Weird Al" Yankovic's "I'm Too White & Nerdy".
Mike Huben's 2011 Introductions
Arterial Blood Arterial Blood ARTERIAL BLOOD (Huben 11) 44" M 3.5" Dor Dip ( ( City Of Sin x Pardon Me ) x Red Spire ) Seedling MH0377C
Tall-And-Small Red self. Brilliant velvety, saturated, flaming lipstick-red flowers with green throats standing tall above the foliage. Thrips and sun resistant. Excellent increase. 27 buds, 5 branches.
Venous Blood Venous Blood VENOUS BLOOD (Huben 11) 50" M 4.5" Dor Dip ( Sobek 93.36 x Red Spire ) Seedling MH0379B
Tall-And-Small Clear, sunfast velvety red-purple with yellow-green throat. Vigorous increase. 34 buds, 5 branches.
Mike Huben's 2010 Introductions
From Darkness Comes Light From Darkness Comes Light FROM DARKNESS COMES LIGHT (Huben 10) 34" E 3.5" Dor Dip Noc ( ( Ariel x Boston Symphony ) X A Small Multitude ) Seedling MH0231D
Cream blooms on inky purple scapes. 25 buds, 4 branches. Exceptional plant habits.
Ace Up My Sleeve Ace Up My Sleeve ACE UP MY SLEEVE (Huben 10) 22" E 4.0" Dor Dip ( Sunshine On Clouds X Early And Often ) Seedling MH0067D
Near white self. Northern Continuous Rebloom. Increases slowly but an exceptional breeder of continuous rebloomers. $25
Boston Marathon Boston Marathon BOSTON MARATHON (Huben 10) 24" E Re 3.5" Dor Dip Noc ( Frequent Flier x Early And Often ) Seedling MH0013F
Pink with rose eye. Northern Continuous Rebloom. A pretty pink rebloomer with great green throat. Blooms until frost.
Let Me Be Clear Let Me Be Clear LET ME BE CLEAR (Huben 10) 26" EM 4.0" Dor Dip ( Frequent Flier x ( Millie Schlumf x Early And Often ) Seedling MH0203D
Icy Pink with faint band. Northern Continuous rebloom. The clearest pink rebloomer to date. Rapid increaser. Excellent rebloomer. Blooms until frost.
A Small Multitude A Small Multitude A SMALL MULTITUDE (Huben 10) 44" EM 2.5" Dor Dip Noc ( Corky x Early And Often ) Seedling MH0042D
Gold Self. Tall and Small. Minute, species-like spatulate flowers on tall, well-branched scapes. Extraordinary breeder.
Umpty Kajillion Umpty Kajillion UMPTY KAJILLION (Huben 10) 42" E 3.5" Dor Dip Emo ( Aerial x Boston Symphony ) Seedling MH0047Q
Melon with cream polychrome. 40 buds and 6 branches. Exceptionally floriferous, terrific scapes.
Mike Huben's 2009 Introductions
Vanilla Stella Vanilla Stella VANILLA STELLA (Huben 09) 20" E 3.0" Dor Dip ( Seedling x Early And Often ) X ( Sunshine On Clouds x Early And Often ) Near white self.
Pronounced "vanELLA stella". Mike's most exciting near-white rebloomer. It's not the whitest, though it's far from cream. It has a nice green throat, a voluptuous bagel form, ruffles, and three sets of scapes per year in Mike's garden! This past year, Vanilla Stella bloomed continuously until frost in November at Harmon Hill Farm in New Hampshire.
Bob Sobek and Mike Huben are using Vanilla Stella heavily in their breeding: each has hundreds of seedlings coming from it. It's a very rapid increaser that throws near white seedlings with great green throats. Presumably, it passes its rebloom when crossed appropriately. We'll know for sure next year. It's a great as a pod or pollen parent. $40

Begin With A Bang Begin With A Bang BEGIN WITH A BANG (Huben 09) 34" EE 4.5" Dor Dip ( Ruffled Ivory x H. lilioasphodelus ) Red blend.
What's that red Amaryllis doing in the daylily bed? In mid-June? Begin With A Bang is the first good red in Mike's garden, and begins the growing season with some of the earliest dormant foliage to emerge. Beautiful gray-green bullets of foliage that scoffs at late spring frosts. The foliage is erect, disease resistant, and stays beautiful until autumn frost. Mike always wanted to introduce this one, but it increased very slowly in his garden. When he finally put some into a good location at Harmon Hill Farm, it increased very nicely. Begin With A Bang has got some terrific qualities: it's a true EE, beginning a week before Stella De Oro. Its size and color are much better than any other red at its season. Don't you hate those brick colored reds? Begin With A Bang is a light red over a very pale yellow base. Both parents contributed to the color clarity. Where did the red come from? Well, Ruffled Ivory has a faint red overlay that Mike didn't notice until this kid alerted him. It's diamond dusted, sun fast and has a yellow-green throat. It always opens well in cool weather, and looks great in a clump. 12 buds per scape, yet it blooms well into midseason. If you'd like to breed for modern-looking EE reds, this is where Mike suggest you begin. He attributes many of the good qualities to its species parent, H. lilioasphodelus: the earliness, great foliage, good opening, and frost hardiness. Or if you're one of us who can't wait to get those first daylilies of the season, this one is for you. $30
Mike Huben's 2008 Introductions
Vanilla Gorilla Vanilla Gorilla VANILLA GORILLA (Huben 08) 44" M 8.0" Dor Dip UFO ( Jerry's Whirligig X Magic of Oz ) Cream Self. Seedling number: MH0168
This daylily is named for Snowflake, the albino gorilla, who recently died. This UFO measures about 8 inches, and has been drawing a great deal of attention at Harmon Hill Farm over the past four years. 5 to 6 way branching, 20 to 24 buds. Pod and pollen fertile. This was a fun cross for Mike, partly to test the pod fertility of the enormous Jerry's Whirligig, and partly to see what happens in the way of large offspring. Like Jerry's Whirligig, VANILLA GORILLA has wide petals in a cascade form: it reminds Mike of knuckle walking with the massive arms of a gorilla. Now, you could say some daylilies knuckle walk because the scapes fall, but VANILLA GORILLA's scapes stay upright. Mike is so focused on his reblooming goals, that he initially ignored this one, and it was rescued by Carl. $50
Mike Huben's 2007 Introductions
Snowy Stella Snowy Stella SNOWY STELLA (Huben 07) 24" E 3.25" Dor Dip NearWhite Self. Seedling number: MH0257C
At any northern nursery, Stella De Oro sells like hotcakes because customers are told it reblooms. The question most often heard is “Do you have it in other colors?" At last, Stella De Oro’s rebloom is available in a near-white. Snowy Stella is definitely a near-white, and definitely a very strong northern rebloomer. It increases very well, has an excellent stature, 16 buds on erect scapes, blooms are well presented, has a nice clump form, and pretty much all the fans rebloom. Scapes are somewhat staggered too: that prevents gaps in the bloom. Compared to Stella De Oro, the flowers are similar in size and form. The scapes have twice as many buds, and the continual rebloom is far more certain and abundant. The plants are slightly shorter, and bloom starts a week or two later. It has a few minor faults: it's not the whitest white (it is tinged with apricot, though it beats most recent tetraploids), the throat bleaches from green to yellow in the sun, the pistil is sometimes curly or small (as in White Lemonade), and it's only an OK pod parent: doesn't produce that many seed. Many people have tried and failed to produce northern rebloomers in other colors. Snowy Stella took 10 years, 4 generations, thousands of seedlings, the rebloom genetics of Apps, Millikan, and Sobek, and the near-white genetics of Millikan, Hansen, and Gates. The ancestry is:
Snowy Stella: (Winter Wonderland * Early And Often) * (Sunshine On Clouds * Early And Often)
Sunshine On Clouds: (Happy Returns * Deicer) * (Three Seasons * Monica Marie).
Early And Often: Sunny Honey * (Three Seasons * Tuscawilla Tranquility). The secret to the breeding of Snowy Stella is the poor conditions for rebloom in the breeding beds. Dry, poor soil; shade and root competition from trees; crowding and low heat in a coastal zone 6. If Snowy Stella will rebloom under those conditions, it will rebloom anywhere. Its grandparent, Early And Often, has demonstrated this principle. $40

Ice Trumpets Ice Trumpets ICE TRUMPETS (Huben 07) 30" E 3.5" Dor Dip EMO ( Boston Symphony * (Snowed In * H. yezoensis) ) NearWhite Self. Seedling number: MH0055D
The fashion for large, ruffled, round, eyed, edged, tetraploid daylilies has brought about neglect of other forms. In years past, many daylilies were celebrated for their simple, delicate, wildflower-like forms. Names like Corky and Golden Chimes are not much remembered, and their forms never made the transition from yellow to other colors. Ice Trumpets is an important step in Mike's quest for Golden Chimes in near-white. In just two generations from the species yezoensis, he has a very white, very green throat, narrow petalled trumpet form. As a matter of fact, it looks a lot like a small Easter Lily (though it is nowhere near as white as the real thing.) It has 21 buds and 4 branches for Mike. Nearby in the Sobek garden and at Harmon Hill Farm it does MUCH better, and puts on a show that drew Mike from across the garden. This one is distinctive in the combination of form and color. The height doesn't reach Mike's ultimate goals (it's a mere 30 inches) but it's still a literal standout. Mike has bred with it very heavily: it has almost everything he wants except more height. No trace of rebloom here or in Utah, though the F1 parent does rebloom. Ice Trumpets is a great color clarifier in Mike's breeding, and some of its children are among the whitest daylilies he's ever seen. Others have excellent height, budcount, branching, and trumpet form. Incidentally, Ice Trumpets demonstrates the principle that even starting with a species, in two generations you can be back to near-white with green throats. Too much daylily breeding is aimed at immediate results in the first generation, and too little plans on success reclaiming recessive characteristics in the second generation. $25
Mike Huben's 2006 Introductions
Sunshine On Clouds
SUNSHINE ON CLOUDS (Huben 06) 26" E Rebloomer 4.25" Dor Dip ( Happy Returns X Deicer) X (Three Seasons X Monica Marie) Cream with pale midrib. Seedling number: MH9872I
Mike had no intention of introducing this seedling: it wasn't white, it only rebloomed a bit, it didn't increase as fast as his other rebloomers, it was a reluctant pod parent. But Bob Sobek proclaimed it the outstanding clump in Mike's garden for the brilliance, unique shade, and floriferousness. It is a brilliant light yellow, in the cream range but with none of the dullness of most creams. Mike attributes that to the extreme diamond dusting. The upfacing blooms have a yellowgreen throat. Crossed with EARLY AND OFTEN, it is the parent of his first nearwhite rebloomer, and the grandparent of his latest crop of nearwhite rebloomers. It has 18 buds on three branches. In Mike's garden, Sunshine On Clouds reblooms lightly, but in other people's gardens, it is a much stronger rebloomer. $15

Kanai Sensei
KANAI SENSEI (Huben 06) 18" E Rebloomer 3.0" Dor Dip EMO (Early And Often x Rosy Returns) Melon polychrome. Seedling number: MH0010.4
Kanai Sensei is named for Mike's Aikido and Iaido teacher for 20 years. It always opens to a perfect little bagel with a peculiarly difficult to describe color. It has a tiny green throat, and somewhere between 6 and 16 buds depending on how well it is grown. It's sun fast, and has excellent low foliage. What makes it special though (besides the excellent rebloom) is the phenomenal increase. It's the fastest increaser in Mike's garden, yet doesn't seem to get too crowded. Its small stature, rapid increase, good foliage, rebloom, and nice clumping habit make it well suited for edging. As a parent for rebloomers, it throws all those characteristics very nicely. $15
Mike Huben's 2003 Introductions
Twist Again
TWIST AGAIN (Huben 03) 28" E Rebloomer 5.0" Dor Dip ( Cool Spice x Spring Frolic ) YellowGreen Self.
The longest-blooming daylily in Mike's garden. Four years running it has bloomed for 11 weeks on three sets of scapes. The color is a very cool yellow-green that fades in the sun to a remarkable cream and green giving the impression of a cream flower with a green bullseye. There is no other northern rebloomer on the market with this color. It has an excellent budcount of 20 (unusually high for a rebloomer.) The heavily ruffled petals twist differently in every flower, providing lots of motion in this unusual form. This one sells in August and September when people see the rebloom. Sold Out

Delicate Lace
DELICATE LACE (Huben 03) 18" E Rebloomer 4.0" Dor Dip Fra Ext (( Monica Marie X Stella De Oro) X Spring Frolic) Cream Self.
What an unusual form! Quite orchid-like: any narrower and it would be spatulate. The foliage is truly dwarf, with a flower large enough to surprise: it's almost a rock garden plant. Blooms start out cream, but rapidly fade in the sun to a highly diamond-dusted pearly polychrome. It usually blooms two sets of scapes for Mike, but more in other people's gardens. 8 buds. It throws excellent reblooming kids of all shapes and sizes, and carries melon. $15

Flowers Of Sulphur
Flowers Of Sulphur
FLOWERS OF SULPHUR (Huben 03) 20" E Rebloomer 4.25" Dor Dip Vfr Ext ((Monica Marie x Stella De Oro) X Spring Frolic) Yellow Self.
Why another yellow rebloomer? Well, it's a pure sulphur-yellow self, all the way into the throat, much bigger than most others, strongly diamond dusted, opens well, and has a delightful short stature. Only 9 buds (2 more than STELLA DE ORO), but routinely blooms at least two sets of scapes. Breeds rebloomers, and carries melon. $10
Mike Huben's 2001 Introductions
Early And Often
EARLY AND OFTEN (Huben 01) 26" E Rebloomer 4.0" Dor Dip (Sunny Honey X (Three Seasons x Tuscawilla Tranquility)) Peach Polychrome.
Honorable Mention award 2006
At last: a northern rebloomer that isn't yellow or gold. The heart of Mike's breeding program, producing a great diversity of seedlings, many of them rebloomers. Very rapid increase. Tested in WV for two seasons and found highly rust resistant. Early And Often was Mike's first introduction, and has lived up to its promise as a continuous rebloomer, the only plant in the garden that blooms non stop from early July until frost. Some growers report as many as seven sets of scapes per season. Unlike other diploid rebloomers, it is a color clarifier and readily gives up the melon tones in seedlings. $15

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